if love were enough,

i don’t think i would be writing this. i started writing so that i could channel my grief, my depression, my anxiety, into something more than just the mess of emotions simmering in my mind constantly. it helps. i’ve navigated through quite a bit in my thirty one years, including but not limited to; both of my lifelong best friends dying, an obnoxious amount of my own medical problems, some pretty severe anxiety and depression likely stemming from all of the above, and plenty of your typical crazy thirty something first world problems. i can be pretty funny, i can be hella clumsy, and i’m real obsessed with my two cats. occationally i may talk about my career switch to mortuary science. more recently the man i thought was the love of my life decided to end our ten year relationship and it has been one of the most difficult things I’ve dealt with. Writing about that is helping me mend my broken heart.

and if you happen to want to know the story behind the name of my blog, you can read that post here