Accidents · anxiety · car accident · finding love again · mvc · worry


So last night A and i were in a car accident. we were at an almost dead stop and a drunk driver who was ALSO on his phone plowed into the back of our car going between 45-55 mph. i’ve never been in a car accident before so it was definitely really scary. A and i were both transported by ambulance (in super uncomfortable c-spine collars) to the closest hospital. my shoulder and neck hurt almost immediately and with my history of my degenerative spine disease and two of my levels fused there was definitely concern over my back as well. once we got to the hospital we had tons of x-rays and CT scans and THANKFULLY neither of us had any serious injuries. don’t get me wrong- we are both in a TON of pain from the whiplash and just the impact in general, but we are incredibly lucky that that’s all that we’re dealing with. if you read my last post you know how i feel about A, and how he feels about me, so the anxiety brought on by being so worried about each other was awful, and it still is. A’s aunt, who might be one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met, rushed to the hospital and went back and forth between our two rooms (luckily they put us in rooms right next to each other), which was incredibly kind of her considering i had never met her prior to her coming to the hospital. in fact we were actually driving to her house for dinner so i could meet her when we got hit. literally from the moment i met her she has treated me like her own family, which feels awesome, especially considering that i didn’t have anyone there with me since it was late and all of my family and friends lived nearly three hours away from the hospital we were taken to. i’m so thankful for her! today we are both super sore and stiff, but again, things could have been so much worse considering the speed of the other driver at the moment of impact. we certainly had a guardian angel looking out for us (thanks Timmy ๐Ÿ˜˜). today has also been stressful dealing with all of the insurance stuff. the driver of the other vehicle was arrested at the scene. so we’re okay, but the thing about loving someone so incredibly much is that you can literally make yourself sick worrying about them. but i’m not complaining, because i still can’t believe how insanely in love i am with this man and it kills me to see him in pain and stressed out. but yeah, anyway, yesterday sucked, but we were told that the pain should subside in a few days. so i’m definitely counting my blessings. but don’t drive and drive, and certainly don’t text and drink and drive and then try to switch drivers before the police show up. on the upside, snapchat entertains and passes the time, so here’s this for your enjoyment.๐Ÿ™ƒ


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