Life After Loss

pick you up

there is a song that i fell in love with the very first time i ever heard it. for some reason it just spoke to me. when my depression and anxiety get the best of me, which if im being honest, is more often than not, i find myself either listening to this song or… Continue reading pick you up

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invisible pain

i've considered writing about this several times but because I, personally, am not constantly and relentlessly affected by it as much as in the past, i had not. Yesterday I was talking with a very sweet girl i know that also suffers from constant chronic pain and we were discussing how it can absolutely disrupt… Continue reading invisible pain

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an angel and a hero; my two best friends.

So if you happen to be a reader of mine, I'm certain you are aware that in 2012, one of my very best friends who was more like my brother than my friend, left us and went to heaven. While I love and miss him dearly, this post is not about him. You see, I… Continue reading an angel and a hero; my two best friends.

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for the ones that invisibly struggle everyday.

I see you. You look like you have it all together. Your clothes and makeup are enviable. From the outsiders point of view, you have it all. I see you. You struggle to get out of bed most mornings. You can barely get the motivation to pick out those clothes and put on that makeup.… Continue reading for the ones that invisibly struggle everyday.

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when i’m alone with my thoughts.

I have been working crazy hours. I fell asleep in my living room last night around 6pm when I got home. Which is great I guess, because I was really tired. The only problem is that I woke up at 2:30am wide awake and fully rested and I don't even have to start getting ready… Continue reading when i’m alone with my thoughts.