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a little cliche

When i was trying to figure out what to name this blog i was struggling. I am not a writer, let alone a good one. I decided to start writing here not just about my journey through grief and loss, but really a little of everything. Im kind of a mess. Sometimes not even at my own fault. Some crazy and ridiculous things have happened to me, some of them hilarious. That being said, i do feel like the course of my life changed drastically when I lost him nearly six years ago now. For six years I have dealt with severe anxiety and depression, and also a host of other unrelated medical problems. I definitely feel like my life is divided into two parts; after loss and before. There are a few different quotes and anecdotes that make me think of him, but the one that I think of every single day is the the one that inspired the name of this blog.

If Love could have saved you, you would have lived forever

And so yeah, that seems kinda cliche but for me, it rings so so true. He was so incredibly loved. And he gave that love back ten times over. He had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known in my life. So reasonable? No. But if love were enough, you would still be here today, and my life wouldn’t be divided into those two parts.


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